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Steven Blondeau

Steven is a story teller and rambunctious iconoclast from Atlanta, GA. Growing up in the deep south of the 60's, in the shadow of Civil War monuments, he resisted much and obeyed little, struggling with a pull towards a west coast vibe of gravity sports and radical freedom, in a provincial world of staid conformity. Rather than succumb to the inertia of southern ways, the false myth of magnolias and moonlight, a tyranny of mindless obedience and stifled expression, he sought the ecstasy of being alive.  Through meditation, words, physical exertion and an intense love of the flow state, he learned what sustained him.  The Blondeau Band is the fruit of a journey aimed at living out the Tom Robbins adage,  "It's never too late to have a happy childhood." Through the band Steven aims to share his experience of the deep, simple, and timeless, joy of making music with other humans. 

"do what you dig - you'll be dead soon"



The Blondeau Band Is:

Vocals/Guitar: Steven Blondeau
Lead Guitar: Nick Finn
Drums: Aidan Gentry
Bass Guitar: Vince Plunkett
Keys/Mandolin/Bass: William "Spooky" Robinson


Booking: Nick Finn

Art Direction and Design: Vince Plunkett

Illustration, Print and Design: Liam Gentry

Photography: Dashiel Pare’-Mayer

Sound: Scott Barber - Central Oregon Recording